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Commercial Loans

black knight commercial loans


CNF Exchange allows the borrower to connect with lenders who provide traditional financing as well as financing that does not qualify for traditional credit markets.  Posting a request with CNF Exchange allows the borrower to connect with multiple lenders to obtain a commercial or business loan that best meets their needs.


Utilizing CNF Exchange, borrowers have direct access to a vast array of financial products that ideally serve the financing requirements of small, medium, and large companies.  In general, commercial lenders can be grouped into categories that range from best pricing and terms (conservative underwriting) to more expensive pricing (lenient underwriting) as listed on the Types of Lenders menu.  The Types of Financing menu to the left provides the details of the financing provided by lenders on CNF Exchange.

Request Commercial Loans Online

At CNF Exchange, our mission is to bring companies seeking commercial business loans and commercial loan lenders together. We’re an online community where commercial business loan providers and borrowers can gain free access to new and potentially lucrative business opportunities that help them grow.

As a borrower, you’ll enjoy how easy it is to find lenders who are interested in extending commercial building loans or in financing any type of business project. Lenders can choose from a number of prequalified buyers that meet their lending criteria.

As a prequalified CNF Exchange borrower, you can receive loan offers from many potential commercial capital partners to help you get the best possible terms. A dedicated CNF Exchange senior analyst will assist you in the preparation of your financing request, including help with obtaining and completing all required documentation. You’ll also receive valuable guidance in locating and communicating with a commercial loan company that is eager to work with you. If you’re a franchisee looking to add locations, you’ll get the commercial loan capital you need to take that next big step.

Key borrower benefits:

  • Access to an extensive local, state and national lender network
  • Receive the funds you need quickly
  • Easy request form for properly documenting and completing your loan request application
  • Dealing only with direct commercial loan capital providers and not brokers or intermediaries
  • Convenient and secure document uploading and sharing feature — you only need to create one borrower profile that many lenders can access
  • Rewards Program where you can gain free advertising
  • Press Room that serves as a free marketing asset by allowing you to promote your successes


Commercial Capital Partners Request Commercial Business Loans Registration

  • Whether you are in need of new money, want to refinance, or want to expand your options, CNF Exchange is your solution.