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Business Loans For Small Business

Looking for business loans for your smaller enterprise or a small business government loan? Tired of getting the runaround from banks and other financial institutions? Fortunately, there are many different ways to obtain loans for your small business that don’t require jumping through a lot of hoops. By posting a financing request with CNF Exchange, you simplify the entire small business loan process. CNF Exchange provides a powerful system that allows borrowers to obtain small business commercial loans in the most convenient and effective way.

At CNF Exchange we’re committed to bringing qualified borrowers and direct lenders and investors together. As a borrower, you’ll benefit from the expert guidance of a CNF Exchange senior analyst who will help you complete your financing request, gather all required documents, and manage communications and interest with potential lenders and investors. You’ll have access to our extensive growing network of lenders from across the nation.

Other CNF Exchange features that make obtaining a loan for small business easier include:

  • Free site registration and access
  • Comparing multiple loan proposals to ensure you get the best possible terms
  • Multiple lenders competing for your business that ultimately benefits you
  • Creation of one borrower profile that can be viewed by multiple lenders
  • Matching your loan request with compatible lenders using our 12-point criteria
  • Assistance with business plans and projections at lower cost than many of our competitors
  • Unlimited phone and chat support
  • Press Room to help you market your business by sharing your success
  • Rewards Program where you can gain free advertising by inviting your contacts to join
  • Document uploading and sharing feature
  • Effective loan source for franchisors seeking to help their franchisees obtain financing, or for franchisees looking to add more business units
Post a funding request with Capital & Finance Exchange Funding Source Registration