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Business Line Of Credit Loans

Seasonal business credit loans/lines are generally used to fund an increase in inventory or accounts receivable during the high sales period in a business’ operating cycle. In a service business, the business credit loan/line may fund expenses until receivables are created and collected. Seasonal business line of credit loans have distinct high and low borrowing points, with a cleanup period or payout of borrowings. Typically multiple advances are utilized.

CNF Exchange can serve as a valuable business asset, whether you are a business owner looking to establish a business line of credit, seasonal line of credit, or a provider of business credit loans. We’re an online community consisting of an extensive nationwide network of lenders and investors.

Our goal is to match qualified borrowers with direct commercial lenders so both parties can reap the rewards. In the process, we help borrowers and lenders save time and money.

You’ll enjoy a host of valuable benefits, including access to our Press Room, free adverting via our unique Rewards Program, and a convenient and secure document uploading and sharing feature.

Among the many CNF Exchange borrower benefits:

  • Compare multiple lender proposals to obtain the best possible terms
  • Competition between several lenders for your business, which can result in a better deal for you
  • Capable loan request and document preparation assistance from a dedicated CNF Exchange senior analyst
  • Ease of finding direct lenders who are genuinely interested in your deal
  • Low-cost assistance with projections and business plan development

If you’re a lender, you’ll also receive a number of key advantages:

  • Prequalified and vetted borrowers that meet your specific lending criteria, saving you time
  • Access to matching financing requests to help you generate more leads and close more deals
  • Ability to perform localized borrower searches with the aid of Google maps
  • New posting notifications that help you locate potential borrowers immediately
  • Building new relationships that can help your business flourish
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