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Commercial Mortgage Lenders

Commercial mortgage lenders can be in the form of Institutional or Conventional Lenders, Commercial Banks, Commercial Financing Companies, Private Lenders, and Mezzanine Providers. With so many commercial lending options available, it’s not easy to find the right one for your business needs.

CNF Exchange: Simplifying the Process of Finding a Mortgage Lender

CNF Exchange takes the hassle out of finding a commercial mortgage lender. We’re an online community that offers an extensive network of local, state and national lenders. As a borrower, this means you’ll have plenty of options for landing the financing you need to add franchise locations, expand your facility or build a brand-new location. You’ll have many lenders competing for your business, allowing you to pick and choose from a variety of offers to get the best possible terms.

You can register to join CNF Exchange for free, which also gives you free access to the site. Simply complete the easy online request form where you can properly document your financing request application. A CNF Exchange senior analyst will ensure you have everything you need to become a Qualified Borrower, indicating to lenders that you’re a viable business partner. We’ll make use of our 12-point criteria to match you with compatible lenders, saving you time and effort.

Other important borrower benefits include:

  • Convenient and secure document uploading and sharing feature — you’ll never have to share multiple files with multiple lenders
  • Screening of your request and documentation to notify you of any possible deficiencies
  • Accurate and effective business plan preparation with our low-cost projection template
  • Access to our Press Room where you can promote your successes and market your business
  • Unique Rewards Program in which you can gain free advertising by inviting your contacts to join our site
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