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Lender & Investor Benefits

Free Business Loan Request Access

Joining CNF Exchange gives you free access to our fast-growing database of commercial loan and equity capital requests. You’ll only deal with business entities that have met our stringent underwriting and due diligence requirements to attain status as a Qualified Borrower. CNF Exchange benefits business loans lenders and investors in many ways:

Save Time

CNF Exchange automatically pre-screens each posting so you can receive email notifications of local, statewide, or national financing requests that match your financing criteria.

Lower Transaction Costs

Membership to our site and access to our database and its many features is free, making it the most efficient way for you to find new borrowers.  CNF Exchange enables you to obtain an additional pipeline of new business at no cost.

Build New Relationships

Once signed up, you can search and manage existing requests.  Use CNF Exchange’s deal-tracking and portfolio management tools to convert more business, more effectively.

Easy Underwriting & Due Diligence

Evaluate borrower requests and qualifications that provide important criteria necessary for easy decision making.  You can also view requests from Qualified Borrowers.  The Qualified Borrower status indicates a complete underwriting package is available and that it was reviewed and verified by our senior analysts.

Grow Your Portfolio

CNF Exchange is trusted by many lenders and investors who continuously use it to grow their commercial loan or equity capital portfolios.  Review opportunities anonymously and engage borrowers at your discretion.

Make More Money

CNF Exchange is a fast way to find fundable deals.  Borrowers are posting new financing requests everyday – if you’re interested please take a minute to sign up, log in, and check them out. 

A big problem many business loan lenders and investors face is finding qualified buyers who meet their financing criteria. This is particularly true during tough economic times when businesses experience credit issues that makes extending loans a risky proposition.

CNF Exchange can make your life as a lender vastly easier. We’re an online borrower and lender exchange where prequalified borrowers and willing lenders and investors from across the nation can find each other quickly, without the hassle of the traditional lending process. Why limit yourself to only a few potential borrowers when CNF Exchange can match you with so many possibilities?

Post a funding request with Capital & Finance Exchange Funding Source Registration
  • Generate new leads and effectively close more transactions with CNF Exchange.