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How It Works

CNF Exchange makes it easy for qualified borrowers and lenders or investors to come together. We’re an online nationwide community where borrowers can submit financing proposals that can be viewed by an extensive lender and investor network.

Borrowers enjoy numerous benefits, including access to a dedicated senior analyst to help with loan request preparation, the ability to compare multiple proposals to get the best possible terms, and assistance with matching to compatible lenders.

If you’re a lender or investor, you gain access to prequalified buyers who are ready to do business, notification when borrowers post a loan request, and the choice of two affordable payment plans, with the need to pay only when you’re ready to engage a borrower.

Borrowers, lenders and investors can take advantage of our Press Room for effective marketing, Rewards Program to gain free advertising, and convenient and secure document uploading and sharing feature. You can register as a lender or investor online for free, and borrowers enjoy the same privilege. Here’s a closer look at how the CNF Exchange process works.


1.  Post a request by submitting online.  You will be notified when your posting is approved and published.

2.  Upload your underwriting material, business plan, and other financial documents, if available, to your financing request.

3.  Once your financing request is published, it will be viewable to the lenders & investors registered on CNF Exchange.

4.  You can review the lenders' or investors' profiles and will receive notifications as they express interest in your deal. 

5.  Connect with the lenders or investors of choice.

how registering actually works 6.  Receive your proposals!get_started

Lenders & Investors:

1.  Sign up and create your profile by registering online.

2.  Search postings of Qualified Borrowers and receive notifications each time a matching request is published.

3.  Express interest in the posting(s) of choice.

4.  Once you're notified that interest has been accepted, you can then connect with the borrower.

5.  Review the underwriting material, business plan, and other financial documents, if available.

6.  Submit your proposal!get_started


Interesting Notes

Registering and adding a request is free at CNF Exchange.

facebook  CNF Exchange is social, you may find it on Facebook.

Borrowing and lending is an involved process, however, our system is easy to use and reduces the load for all users.

Your information is safe. CNF Exchange is protected utilizing 256-bit encryption.

We make it easy to manage a portfolio of financing requests.
  • We can develop the borrower's complete financial package to present the opportunity to lenders & investors.