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Borrower Benefits

Choose from lenders/investors in your local area & beyond that want your business.  CNF Exchange allows you to communicate with multiple funding sources who have an interest in your deal, spurring competition, and making it easy to obtain multiple proposals.  This interactive platform results in better rates and terms so you get the best deal available.

CNF Exchange allows you to securely post your financing requests and instantly matches them with active lenders/investors.  Our technology automatically pre-screens each posting so your request reaches the appropriate funding source.  Compatible lenders/investors will receive a notification of your request; either let them express interest in your deal or email them from the Matching Lender/Investor list.


By posting a financing request on CNF Exchange, you can connect with a network of lending and investing professionals including Institutional Lenders, Traditional Bank Lenders, Commercial Finance Companies, Private Lenders, Mezzanine Lenders, and Equity Capital Investors.
If you don't have time to post a request on our site, contact us and we can collect your information directly from you.  If you're interested in additional support because of time constraints or having a difficult time obtaining funds, our innovative and proven services can help.

We've created a meeting place designed specifically to connect borrowers, lenders, & investors, that results in successful relationships and transactions.  Highlight your business’s milestones, press releases, or other accomplishments, and stay current with potential clients and business partners in CNF Exchange's Press Room.  Each post to the Press Room is also added to your profile so you can track and showcase your performance to entice future transactions.

linkedin LinkedIn® Integration - Posts to the Press Room can also be instantly added to your LinkedIn account!
You're able to select which interested lenders/investors you want to communicate and obtain your financing with.  To ensure confidentiality, your contact information is not disclosed until you decide to move forward with the relationship.
Your commercial loan or equity capital request will go directly to the lender or investor.  Only direct lenders/investors are invited to join CNF Exchange.  Financial intermediaries, such as brokers, are not part of the CNF Exchange network.
There is no longer a need to send multiple lenders/investors multiple emails with multiple attachments.  Securely upload and share your documents with any lender/investor, up to 100MB each, all from one location.  You have the option to either attach your documents to your financing request or invite any lender/investor to download and view them from CNF Exchange.  We've also built in a feature that makes it easy to keep lenders/investors up to date with your periodic financials.

Why is CNF Exchange such an effective way to obtain financing for your business? Glad you asked:


Only direct lenders & investors (no intermediaries or brokers) are invited to register with CNF Exchange.  Unlike many sites aimed at connecting borrowers with lenders & investors, we personally screen and verify each funding source that joins our site.




At registration the lenders & investors will select their financing criteria to determine the compatibility of the borrower's request.
When a borrower adds their financing request, our technology pre-screens the request and an email notification is sent to each lender or investor registered on CNF Exchange that has a matching financing criteria.




When the lender or investor moves forward with the borrower's request they will be able to "Express Interest" in the deal online through their account.  The borrower will then be able to view the lender or investor's profile and decide to "Accept Interest."
Lenders & investors can see each others interest in a deal which drives up competition.  As multiple lenders or investors "Express Interest" in the borrower's financing request, the borrower can evaluate each option and choose the best deal available.




Our highly effective borrower/lender exchange also enables you to obtain financing more quickly than when using more conventional financing sources.

With our easy online registration form, you can complete your financing request in a matter of minutes. Once you’re registered, you can use our Secure Documents Management feature to upload, store and view your documents. You’ll have access to a dedicated CNF Exchange senior analyst to complete your request and gather all the necessary documentation.

Other key borrower benefits include:

  • Connection to an extensive and rapidly growing network of lenders and investors across the nation
  • Access to multiple lenders by just creating only one borrower request profile
  • Dealing only with direct lenders, not brokers or intermediaries
  • Using our free Press Room page to share your successes and market your business
  • Access to our innovative Rewards Program in which you gain free advertising by inviting your contacts to become CNF members
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