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Borrowers can view their current messages, a snapshot of their financing requests, and which Lenders or Investors are interested in their deal.

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My Current Requests

Once registered, the Borrower can log in using the username and password and add as many financing requests as needed.  CNF Exchange allows Borrowers to easily manage their financing requests and track which Lenders or Investors are interested in their deal.

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Add Request

Adding a request is easy.  By providing details about your financing request, Lendors or Investors can match your credit risk profile with the type of financing they provide. 

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Once Borrowers add their financing request, Lenders & Investors can view the Borrower's posting.

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Posting Search

Lenders & Investors can easily search for local Borrowers based on their location and type of financing requested.

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Summary Postings

Once a Lender or Investor finds a deal that matches their credit risk profile, they will simply select “Express Interest” to engage the Borrower.  Once they "Express Interest" in your deal, the system will send an email notification.  

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My Portfolio

Lenders & Investors can easily manage a portfolio of financing requests or prospective deals that they are interested in.  Lenders & Investors can also see who else is interested in the Borrower's deal, creating a competative lending environment.

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Above are a few snapshots of CNF Exchange once you log in.

CNF Exchange is more than just an online posting site, it's also a powerful communications tool.  Borrowers, lenders & investors can use CNF Exchange to identify and decide who they would like to do business with based on each party's preference and criteria.  This site generates more opportunity for successful and beneficial transactions as it brings together both parties in an exchange setting.

Borrowers:  CNF Exchange allows for multiple funding sources to view your financing request all in one location.  It allows you to keep track of which lenders/investors are interested in your deal and gives you control over who sees your contact information and underwriting documentation.  You have the ability to add as many financing requests as needed now and in the future, saving you time.

Lenders & Investors:  CNF Exchange allows you to view multiple postings from qualified leads.  It allows you to keep track of which financing requests you are interested in and manage and grow your loan or investment portfolio.