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About CNF Exchange

After providing years of effective Business Development and Credit Risk Management for financial institutions, the creators of CNF Exchange felt that there was a better way to bring borrowers, lenders & investors together - this is why they built CNF Exchange.  We are focused on getting borrowers funded and getting lenders & investors qualified leads.  Our goal is to provide a powerful system that will allow borrowers, lenders & investors to manage their financial transaction in the most convenient and effective way.

We understand that finding the right financing is about quality, but finding the best financing is about quantity.  Given this, we've engineered CNF Exchange to effeciently produce high quality and high quantity results without risking your confidentiality.


We are the only site that is specifically built to handle financing requests for:

  • Companies ranging from small businesses to larger middle market corporations
  • Businesses in their growth stage and beyond (and start-ups moving into the growth stage)
  • Companies that are performing well ranging to companies that are in distress
  • All commercial real estate transactions


  • Simplify your financing strategy by registering and posting a request today.
Simplify your financing strategy by registering or posting a request today.