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Features & Services - Borrower

The chart below shows CNF Exchange's standard and optional services, features, and pricing for borrowers.

(click each below to expand)
Standard Service
Request Review
$99 per request
Managed Financial Packaging
$199 per request
Request Review Required
Complete Financial Packaging
Priced per package
Request Review Required
- Click for Details
Click for Details Click for Details Click for Details & Pricing
Post Financing Request - unlimited requests
Compatible Lenders/Investors - unlimited matches
Upload Documents - unlimited storage
Securely Share Documents - unlimited sharing
Share Successes - unlimited entries
Advertise With Us - unlimited advertising credits
Phone and Chat - unlimited support
Screening of Financing Request   item_yes item_yes item_yes
Outline of Items Needed for Smooth Transaction   item_yes item_yes item_yes
Get Featured as a Qualified Borrower   item_yes item_yes item_yes
Dedicated Senior Analyst     item_yes item_yes
Detailed Explanations for Complete Package     item_yes item_yes
Managed Interest and Communications     item_yes item_yes
Support to Find Interested Funding Source     item_yes item_yes
Analysis of Financing Request       item_yes
Compile Detailed Supporting Schedules       item_yes
Executive Summary and Underwriting Notes       item_yes
Assistance Until Deal Closes       item_yes
-- sign_up3 sign_up3 sign_up3 sign_up3

If you're interested in our services you can select the service option that best meets your needs when adding your financing request, or if you prefer to sign up by phone please give us a call at 1-866-488-9203.