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Private Lender

Private lenders are individuals or organizations that lend to borrowers, using their own funds, with real estate projects that have been shut out of the more traditional credit markets.  These lenders typically make bridge and hard money loans that do not qualify for traditional bank lending.

Alternative Financing with CNF Exchange

If your particular funding needs have not been met in the traditional lending marketplace, you may wish to consider applying with an online private lender through the CNF Exchange interface. Our network of lenders includes a variety of nontraditional lending institutions and individual investors who are more open to risk and may be more willing to fund your loan request. CNF Exchange can advise you throughout the application process and provide you with access to the best lending options available for your particular needs. If you choose to go with an online private lender, we are always available to address your questions and concerns about the application process, the lender's decision and the disbursement of funds and requirements of the particular loan. At CNF Exchange, we are committed to your company's financial success and work with you at every step of the process to ensure that your transaction goes smoothly and according to plan. Find out more information on how to find a lender online at CNFexchange.

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