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Time Note

A business time note is a short-term loan designed to help companies manage shortfalls in their financial arrangements or to take advantage of special opportunities in the marketplace. By spreading the expense of these acquisitions over a longer period of time, small businesses can more effectively manage their financial obligations and enjoy the benefits of these opportunities at the same time. This can provide an added competitive edge in the company's field of endeavor. A time loan may be secured or unsecured. Most business time loans are structured to allow repayment before the designated due date without added penalties, but small businesses may be liable for the entire amount of interest due regardless of that prepayment. Small businesses can locate and obtain the time notes they need to remain competitive through CNF Exchange. The innovative online system provides access to lending solutions and allows businesses to compare and select the most suitable financial arrangements for their short-term funding needs.

Time notes, also known as short-term working capital loans, allow you to take advantage of supplier discounts, meet seasonal demands, or cover an unexpected short-term cash need for your business.

This type of credit is generally made on a secured basis on terms not exceeding one (1) year.


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