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BusinessWeek Praises CNF Exchange Services and Business Model

Tuesday, 01 January 2013 21:05

BusinessWeekConnecting borrowers with lenders can provide significant benefits for both parties to the lending transaction. These benefits were examined in a recent article that appeared in the October 25, 2012, online edition of Bloomberg BusinessWeek. Entitled "Helping Businesses and Banks Hook Up," the article showcased the advantages of the services provided by CNF Exchange for small business owners in obtaining the commercial loans they need to achieve success in the modern financial marketplace.

Benefits for lenders

The BusinessWeek article also examined the benefits enjoyed by banks and lending institutions in finding suitable candidates for small business loans. Rather than seeking out leads and developing loan prospects on their own, lenders can select from a number of loan applications already completed and ready for review. This can streamline the investment process considerably for lenders and allow small businesses to secure the lending arrangements they require to fund a wide range of business activities.

Increased opportunities for borrowers

In recent years, small businesses have had increasing difficulty in acquiring the commercial loans necessary to expand and manage their business concerns effectively. The decreased availability of funding in the commercial marketplace can be ascribed to a number of factors that include the recent housing crisis, global economic downturns and a generally risk-averse financial community. According to the BusinessWeek piece, the lending market for larger companies has already begun to show signs of recovery; small business concerns, however, continue to suffer due to lack of funding opportunities.

Making the right connections

Companies like CNF Exchange can help to bridge the gap between lenders and small business owners through an innovative direct connection system. Businesses can submit their loan requests for free through a secure online form on the CNF Exchange website. These applications are evaluated by appropriate lenders to determine the merits and potential for profitability. Borrowers then receive loan proposals for consideration from the various lenders and can select the arrangement that offers the most favorable terms for their specific set of needs. This can increase the likelihood of obtaining funding even in difficult economic conditions.

Added services for borrowers

CNF Exchange also offers a number of optional services for borrowers that can help and position them to obtain funding more easily and quickly. These services primarily focus on creating a positive impression with lenders by presenting well-organized and complete applications for review through the Lender Exchange interface. The financial experts at CNF Exchange can provide real help for small business owners in structuring their requests, compiling necessary documentation and creating a cohesive business plan. By taking advantage of these services, companies can increase their chances of obtaining the funding they need for expansion, marketing campaigns and other operational costs and investment opportunities.

CNF Exchange provides cutting-edge services for the modern lending marketplace above and beyond all competition through their innovative web-based platform. By helping companies obtain the commercial loans necessary for their short and long-term goals, CNF Exchange effectively connects borrowers to lenders with matching financing criteria so that borrowers obtain the financing they need.

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