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Hard Money Loans

A hard money loan is an asset-based loan through which a borrower receives funds secured by the value of the real estate. There are higher risks associated with private loans for both the lender and borrowers, which typically results in higher interest rates and lower LTV (loan-to-value) ratios. At CNF Exchange, we thoroughly screen all lenders and borrowers to minimize the risk. You’ll also have the freedom to evaluate multiple potential partners as part of your decision-making process. Contact Us now for information about commercial hard money lenders and loans.

An Effective Online Financial Community

Whether you’re a provider of hard money loans or a potential borrower, CNF Exchange can make the process a whole lot easier. We’re an online community of nationwide borrowers and lenders that exists for the purpose of successfully matching the two. You’ll save time and money while building new relationships that can lead to lucrative business opportunities.

You can register for free and gain access to the site at no cost, and you only pay when you’re ready to engage in a transaction. You get plenty of “extras,” including access to our Press Room, free advertising through our Rewards Program, convenient and secure document uploading and sharing, and unlimited phone and chat support.

Key borrower benefits include:

  • Access to a dedicated CNF senior analyst to assist with loan request preparation and document compilation
  • Comparing proposals from multiple lenders to get the best possible loan terms
  • Matching with compatible lenders through the use of our 12-point criteria
  • Communication with direct lenders only, not brokers or intermediaries

Lenders get:

  • Access to prequalified borrowers who are ready to do business
  • Opportunity to anonymously and discreetly examine borrower requests
  • Choice of two low-cost pricing options, including a cost-effective monthly subscription program
  • Notification when vetted borrowers have made a loan request — notifications can be received on a local, state or nationwide basis
Contact CNF Exchange for information about hard money loans, small loans under $100,000, commercial hard money lenders & more.
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