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Traditional Bank Lender

Traditional bank financing includes lenders such as national, regional, and community banks, thrift institutions, and municipal and developmental authorities.  These institutions provide numerous financing solutions including SBA lending.

A traditional bank lender, by definition, provides a range of services for businesses and consumers that follows a specific model. Funds are acquired from depositors and investors and then made available as interest-bearing loans for commercial and personal use. Traditional bank lending is subject to underwriting requirements that remain much the same from transaction to transaction; larger loans typically require collateral, while smaller loans may be made on the basis of good credit histories and the ability of the borrower to repay. A traditional bank lender generally charges a lower rate of interest than other lenders. However, they may not be willing to make high-risk loans without significant collateral. Banks are typically responsible to their depositors and investors; as a result, they are usually more conservative in their investment decisions. CNF Exchange offers borrowers access to a wide range of lending options that includes traditional funding sources, allowing businesses to fund their short-term and long-term operations more easily.


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