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Owner Occupied Commercial Real Estate Loans

Owner occupied commercial real estate loans are perhaps the most desirable credit exposure after loans collateralized by liquid collateral.  Primary repayment sources are the operating companies occupying the property.

Financing Commercial Real Estate with CNF Exchange

Commercial real estate investments present significant challenges and opportunities for business investors. If your company is planning a major acquisition or expansion into the commercial property market, CNF Exchange can help you find a commercial real estate loan designed specifically for your investment needs. Our lending network offers a wide range of commercial real estate loans to help you move up to that bigger office, better location or more advanced factory or manufacturing center. Because owner-occupied commercial property loan arrangements are among the most desirable for lenders due to their low risk factor, CNF Exchange borrowers can expect to attract significant interest from the lenders in our network. This added degree of choice can help you acquire the commercial property loan you need to take your business to the next level and achieve more in your chosen field. A commercial real estate loan from one of the lenders in the CNF Exchange network can make a major difference for your business expansion plans.

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