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Short-Term Working Capital Loans

Short-term working capital loans, or a time note, are made to support unusual opportunities for inventory purchases, for unexpected build-up of receivables, the taking of special discounts, payment of taxes, etc.  Companies often utilize this type of loan during times of high growth as well.  If you have the opportunity to build your business by investing in additional equipment, supplies, or more advanced technology, a short-term working capital loan may be a solution.

This type of credit is generally made on a secured basis on terms not exceeding one (1) year.

Find Short-Term Working Capital with CNF Exchange

At CNF Exchange, we help businesses connect with lenders and investors to benefit both sides of the transaction. This is especially true when dealing with business capital loans, as these short-term lending arrangements typically allow small to medium-sized companies to take advantage of opportunities that might otherwise be unavailable to them. A working capital business loan can provide funds for your business to allow you to make a necessary purchase, to obtain a particular parcel of property or to manage unexpected expenses in a timely way.

Working capital loans for business

The lending network at CNF Exchange includes a number of investment firms and lenders who provide working business capital loans to help companies meet their ongoing needs for business credit. The typical working capital loan arrangement lasts no longer than one year and is secured using the company itself as collateral. This makes it a lower risk investment loan for lenders and offers significant advantages to the business as well. The funds acquired through these short-term secured credit arrangements can be used for any legitimate business need.

Investment in the future

At CNF Exchange, we're committed to helping your business obtain the funding you need to succeed in today's highly competitive marketplace. We offer an extensive network of lenders to help you obtain the right working capital loan for your needs. CNF Exchange is so confident that we can connect you to the right lender that we charge you nothing until you find the loan you want and decide to contact the lender through our site. This ensures your satisfaction and creates a solid foundation for your company's future growth.

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