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Term Loan

Many companies seek short term business loans during a period of financial growth while others seek them to sustain their daily business activities.  Term loans are obtained for a variety of purposes, e.g. physical expansion, addition of fixed assets, working capital, financing of acquisitions, restructuring of existing obligations, etc.  Depending on the collateral and purpose, amortization is typically shorter for unsecured and working capital facilities, longer for larger equipment and second mortgages.

Explore Short-Term Business Loans with CNF Exchange

CNF Exchange can help your company identify the most advantageous short term business loans for your particular business needs. We help you find the lending solution best designed to provide short-term capital in line with your cash flow and budgetary requirements. Term loans can help your business acquire new properties or assets, provide seed money for research and development or simply bridge the gap between cash outlays and expected revenues. Depending on your company's specific needs and situation, we can offer a venue for comparison shopping in the lending marketplace or provide in-depth financial assistance to help your company qualify for and obtain the short term business loans you need to remain competitive in your industry. CNF Exchange offers tiered levels of service for our business customers. We're confident you'll be pleased with our range of services and our exclusive network of business lenders and investors. Try it out for free to see how CNF Exchange can help you achieve your financing goals.

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