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Commercial Construction Loans

This is a loan used for construction purposes or other improvements of real property, with funds being dispersed according to the construction schedule requirements. Commercial construction loans are typically for owners of operating companies desiring a new or expanded operating facility or operators of income producing real estate that demonstrates strong economics.

Whether you’re in the market for commercial development loans to grow your business or you’re a lender looking for qualified borrowers, CNF Exchange can fulfil your unique requirements. We’re an online financing community where borrowers and lenders come together.

If you’re a lender, CNF Exchange can:

  • Help you locate borrowers who have already fulfilled our stringent underwriting and due diligence requirements
  • Lower your overall loan transaction costs
  • Allow you to discreetly and anonymously evaluate borrowers’ projects

And for borrowers, CNF Exchange can:

  • Give you access to proposals from multiple lenders so you receive the best possible terms
  • Provide an expert, dedicated CNF Exchange senior analyst to help you prepare your loan request
  • Securely post your loan request for free and you gain access to our extensive and growing network of direct lenders and investors

Borrowers and lenders can both take advantage of our Press Room, document uploading and sharing feature and Rewards Program … to name just a few of the perks.

Post a funding request with Capital & Finance Exchange commercial construction loans from cnfexchange