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Institutional Lender

This group of lenders includes life insurance companies, conduits, and REITs who offer various financing options for commercial real estate ventures.  They typically require more conservative underwriting, however, provide longer amortizations and lower interest rates.

The two primary types of institutional lenders are life insurance company lenders and conduit lenders.  Life insurance company lenders typically provide long-term, fixed rate mortgages on commercial income producing properties as part of their investment startegy while conduit lenders create commercial mortgage pools with funds from commercial mortgage-backed securities or CMBS.  Both lender types offer commercial loans with typical amortazations ranging from 15 to 25 years depending on age of the property and with typical pricing at yields available on comparable term U.S. Treasuires plus a spread.

These companies offer conventional loans, meaning that the loans are secured by cash flow-genterating real property rather than secured by unfinished collateral which entails specualtion as to the completed project's economic viability.

CNF Exchange Is the Right Choice for Institutional Lenders

As an institutional lender, finding the right investment opportunities can be challenging, especially given the current economic climate. At CNF Exchange, we specialize in helping you connect with borrowers in your local area and providing you with investment opportunities. We make it easy and convenient for you to find the right business venture even in today's challenging financial environment. Our innovative service can help you connect with small to medium business owners to achieve your investment goals and to help your company grow. CNF Exchange partners with life insurance companies, REITs and conduit lenders to help you find the right business opportunities to increase your return on investment and provide you with added revenue streams and opportunities for growth. By opening up new local, national and international markets for your lending institution, CNF Exchange can help you achieve higher profit margins and ensure that you can take advantage of the right opportunities when they arise.

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