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Letter of Credit (LC)

CNF Exchange and Letters of Credit

Letters of credit are essential financial tools for the modern marketplace. CNF Exchange can help your company acquire commercial and standby letters of credit to help you manage your operations more effectively. Lenders typically require collateral in order to issue letters of credit; these credit arrangements can be secured against business inventory, real estate holdings or other corporate property. Our network of qualified lenders can provide you with letter of credit arrangements tailored to your exact business needs. By acquiring an online line of credit from one of our lenders, you can handle cash flow needs more efficiently and ensure the ongoing liquidity of your business in today's competitive marketplace.

Commercial letters of credit

A commercial letter of credit reduces the risk for sellers and vendors and provides added assurance that they will be paid in accordance with the terms of the existing agreement. Commercial letters of credit are especially important for firms that do business with international companies as they offer additional security for vendors that their invoices will be honored. CNF Exchange can help your company identify the best source for these necessary financial arrangements.

Standby letters of credit

CNF Exchange can connect you with lenders who offer standby letters of credit. These financial arrangements serve as security for a variety of business transactions and promises to pay. The CNF Exchange team makes it easy to locate lenders who offer letters of credit and to apply for online line of credit arrangements from a number of different lenders in your area, allowing you to choose the right lender for your particular business needs. Best of all, you pay only when you decide on a lender and are ready to contact them through our site.

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