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Commercial Finance Company

These lenders include equipment lessors, factors, and other firms that can provide an alternative source of financing for your company. Because finance companies are willing to take on higher risk loans, they typically charge higher interest rates. The major methods of financing offered by commercial finance companies include A/R and inventory financing, equipment leasing/loans, real estate loans, and secured or partially secured term loans.

CNF Exchange: Convenient Access to a Nationwide Network of Commercial Finance Companies

CNF Exchange takes the hassle out of the commercial financing process. We’re an online community where borrowers and lenders come together. As a borrower, you’ll enjoy how easy it is to find a number of lenders who are interested in your deal. Our senior analysts will help you prepare your loan request and ensure your documentation is in order. As a result, you’ll be a prequalified borrower and an attractive loan candidate to our lender network. Learn more about the benefits of commercial loans today.

Other CNF Exchange borrower benefits include:

  • Dealing only with direct lenders and investors instead of intermediaries or brokers
  • Screening of your financials, profile, request and documents to inform you of any inadequacies
  • Free registration and site access
  • Ability to compare multiple proposals to get the best possible terms
  • Access to our Press Room where you can market your business by promoting your successes
  • Use of our convenient and secure document uploading and sharing feature
  • Rewards Program where you can gain free advertising by inviting your contacts to join CNF Exchange
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