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Small Loans

Small loans under $100,000 are typically underwritten using a scoring system.  Similar to a credit card they are usually dependent on credit scoring. While most of the buzz in the small business financial world centers around large-scale lending solutions that include mortgages, collateral loans and funding for major renovations and acquisitions, the small loan market continues to grow quietly in the background. Small loans under $100,000 constitute a significant portion of all small business loans. In fact, these loans are so popular that the U.S. Small Business Administration now offers a microloan program designed specifically to provide funding for small loans under $50,000 to borrowers in the small business marketplace. These loans can typically be used for any qualifying business need or to provide working capital to ensure that operations continue to run smoothly even during periods of temporary cash flow difficulties. Small loans can be used to cover repair costs or to manage the acquisition of added material for processing and sale. These lending arrangements are typically of short duration and may feature somewhat higher interest rates than longer term installment loans. For many small businesses, obtaining a small loan under $100,000 can provide significant advantages. Smaller loans are easier to collateralize using existing company resources and can be repaid more quickly, allowing businesses to build a solid credit rating to foster future growth.

Small businesses can more effectively manage their financial obligations by submitting their funding requests through CNF Exchange's online lending platform. One loan application can reach numerous lenders at once, streamlining the funding process and allowing borrowers to obtain the financial resources they need for a wide range of smaller business expenses. Small loan arrangements can be a valuable cash flow management tool; CNF Exchange can make it easier to identify the right lenders and the right opportunities for small business expansion and continued growth. By working with CNF Exchange to manage these financial transactions, small businesses can gain a competitive edge to enhance their chances of success in the competitive global marketplace.



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