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Small Business Loan

Small business loans are obtained for a variety of purposes, including physical expansion, addition of fixed assets, working capital, financing or acquisitions, restructuring of existing obligations, etc.  Companies frequently rely on bank financing for capital expenditures, including small business equipment financing.  However, the sources for equipment financing are numerous, especially non-bank lenders such as leasing companies, captive finance companies, and secured business lending.

CNF Exchange Helps Companies Find the Best Small Business Loans

The concept behind CNF Exchange is simple: we connect small and medium businesses with lenders and business loan companies to promote investment and growth. Because every business is different, the best small business loan in one situation may not be right in another. As a result, CNF Exchange maintains a network of SBIC lenders to offer the best small business loans for a wide range of corporate needs and business applications. Whether you need a small business startup loan or a short-term loan to expand your established company, we can provide the assistance and connections to help you manage your financial situation effectively.

Right for your specific needs

Our lending network comprises investors and lenders interested in providing small business loans for new business ventures as well as those looking for lower risk opportunities with secured investments. This diversity is ideal for small business owners because it allows them to look for a wide range of small business loans online in one convenient location. Finding small business startup loans can be challenging, but CNF Exchange makes it simpler with an easy-to-use borrower interface and step-by-step help from our expert staff. The online small business loans available from lenders in our network can typically be customized to provide the best possible financial results for your cash flow situation.

You don't pay until you find the right lender

We are so convinced that we can help you find the right small business loan that we offer a unique free trial period. You pay nothing until you find a lending arrangement that suits your needs and decide to contact the lender. CNF Exchange offers a wide range of added services that can help you complete the necessary paperwork, upload documentation, and manage the entire lending arrangement through our online interface. We make it fast and easy for you to get the funds you need from the lender you choose.

Secure and reliable communications

At CNF Exchange, we feature state-of-the-art encryption and data storage techniques. You can use our services with confidence and upload necessary financial data to our secure servers without risk. Your financial information and sensitive company data is protected against unauthorized access or intrusion.

Tiered service levels

CNF Exchange offers tiered services to allow borrowers to pay for only those features they need. Our standard service level provides:

  • Unlimited posting of financing requests
  • Unlimited matching with compatible lenders and investors
  • Unlimited storage and sharing of uploaded documents
  • Unlimited advertising credits and success story entries
  • Unlimited support via phone or chat

Upgrading to the next tier includes all of the above features and offers additional services including:

  • Screening and advice on the posted financing requests
  • A customized outline of the items needed to expedite the transaction
  • Advertised status as a qualified borrower once all critical issues and requirements have been met

The Managed Financial Package includes all of the above features and adds:

  • Direct assistance from a dedicated senior analyst
  • Personalized assistance with the funding request
  • Identification and contact with suitable lenders and investors
  • In-depth support in finding the right lending solution

Finally, the Complete Financial Package includes all of the above and adds:

  • A comprehensive analysis of the financing request with detailed suggestions for improvement
  • Detailed supporting schedules and financials for the specific funding requirements
  • Professional executive summary and underwriting notes to expedite the loan application process
  • Ongoing support until loan deal goes through

CNF Exchange is committed to customer satisfaction and will work with you to ensure that you and your company achieve the best possible results for your financial future.

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