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Secured Business Loans

Business loans that are collateralized by the underlying value of an asset.

One-Stop Shopping for Secured Business Loans at CNF Exchange

Secured business loans are typically considered a much safer investment for lenders than unsecured loans. As a result, small business owners often have significantly less difficulty in obtaining secured loans. CNF Exchange helps companies like yours obtain secured business loans at advantageous terms. The added capital that these collateralized loans provide can potentially allow your company to expand, purchase needed equipment or manage unexpected expenses effectively. In most cases, these loan arrangements use the company itself as collateral; however, some companies may have other assets including equipment, real estate or other major items of value that can be used to secure the loan. Whatever your particular business situation, CNF Exchange can help you access a wide range of lenders and investors interested in funding secured business loans. Lenders profit with a significant return on their investment, and your company can enjoy improved cash flow and an influx of working capital to keep operations running smoothly. Find out great information in our state loan pages like in Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan, Ohio and more.

Most small business loans require some form of collateral in order to gain approval for funding. Banks and lending institutions require this security in order to ensure payment is made on their investment. Depending on the lender, a number of different types of collateral may be accepted for secured business loans, including the following:

  • Real estate, including land and improved property
  • Vehicles to include cars, trucks, boats and motorcycles
  • Construction equipment and large commercial vehicles
  • Business equipment
  • Tools of the trade, including cooking equipment, portable fixtures and other items
  • Financial assets

In nearly all cases, business owners must have possession and ownership of the items in order to use them as collateral for secured business lending arrangements. However, for real property and commercial buildings, it may be possible to use equity in the property to acquire loans for secured business arrangements. These secured business loans are typically structured as equity lines of credit and rely only upon the borrower's accumulated equity in the property rather than the total value of the building or land. Equity loans for secured business transactions can provide flexibility in managing ongoing cash flow requirements and allowing companies to acquire the funding they need in a timely and convenient way.

CNF Exchange offers a number of advantages for small businesses in obtaining secured business loan arrangements for their ongoing operations. The easy-to-use online interface allows businesses to upload their funding requirements at no cost, allowing lenders to provide detailed and customized loan proposals for these requests. This, along with CNF Exchange's other exclusive services, can give small business owners the edge in obtaining the best collateralized loan solution for their needs.


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