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Florida Loans

Florida Business & Commercial Loans Online

Having trouble obtaining the Florida commercial loans your business needs to continue to grow? Are you a franchisor seeking an alternative source for Florida commercial business loans for your franchisees, or a franchisee looking to add more stores or units in the SunshineState?

Rather than going the traditional bank loan route, consider the many benefits of Florida commercial loans online via CNF Exchange. We’re an online community of nationwide borrowers and institutional lenders, including lenders who operate within Florida’s boundaries. As a borrower, you’ll experience freedom of choice that can help you get a business loan featuring the best possible terms.

When you sign on with CNF Exchange, you get:

  • Free registration and site access
  • Convenient and secure document uploading and sharing feature
  • Assistance from a CNF Exchange senior analyst in preparing your loan request and acquiring all relevant documentation
  • Careful screening of your financials and profile to notify you of any inadequacies
  • Matching of your loan request with compatible funding sources using our 12-point criteria
  • Access to direct lenders only, not intermediaries or brokers
  • Use of our Press Room to promote your successes and market your business
  • Opportunity to participate in our Rewards Program to gain free advertising
  • Unlimited phone and chat support whenever you need it

Below is a listing of the number of financing establishments located in Florida.  An establishment is defined as a single physical location at which business is conducted.  With so many establishments, finding the best lender or investor can be daunting.  Simplify your financing strategy by joining CNF Exchange - Get Started & Request Business Loans Online!

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2007 Economic Census


Business Credit & Leasing Institutions # of Establishments
National commercial banks (banking) 1,975
State commercial banks (banking) 2,820
Savings institutions, federally chartered 953
Savings institutions, not federally chartered 64
Credit unions, federally chartered 429
Credit unions, not federally chartered 409
Credit card issuing 52
Sales financing 524
Real estate credit 2,524
International trade financing 23
Other business credit institutions 101
Machinery and equipment rental and leasing 991
Total Business Credit & Leasing Establishments 10,865


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Business Credit & Leasing Institutions # of Establishments
National commercial banks (banking) 176
State commercial banks (banking) 1,268
Savings institutions, federally chartered 85
Credit unions, federally chartered 177
Credit unions, not federally chartered 200
Sales financing 98
Real estate credit 298
Other business credit institutions 29
Machinery and equipment rental and leasing 189
Total Business Credit & Leasing Establishments 2,520
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