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Get a Business Loan

Trying to find a lender who is willing to provide you with the funds your business needs to thrive and grow isn’t easy. CNF Exchange was designed to give borrowers more financing options and greater flexibility when seeking help on how to get a business loan.

We’re an online lender and borrower community where you can get a business loan through our extensive nationwide network of direct lenders and investors. Requesting a business loan using CNF Exchange will help save time and money. And you won’t have to pin your financing hopes on the bank around the corner anymore.

We Make It Easy

CNF Exchange allows borrowers to easily find the right loan with the lowest interest rates. You can register as a CNF Exchange borrower quickly and at no cost. A dedicated CNF Exchange senior analyst will help you prepare your loan request and ensure you have all the necessary documentation to complete your loan transaction. Then, we’ll use our comprehensive 12-point criteria to match you with compatible lenders. You’ll likely have multiple lenders competing for your business, which helps you land the best possible terms. Learn more about other loans like hard money loans  or top small business loans today.

In addition, CNF Exchange offers:

  • Low-cost business plan and financial projection preparation assistance
  • Contact with only thoroughly vetted direct lenders, not brokers or intermediaries
  • Secure and convenient document uploading and sharing feature, allowing you to share your profile with many lenders
  • Status as a Qualified Borrower upon request review completion, demonstrating to potential lenders you are a viable loan candidate
  • Rewards Program in which you can gain free advertising by inviting your business contacts to join the Exchange
  • Press Room where you can share your successes and promote your business
  • Free site access — you only pay when you’re ready to connect with a lender
  • Unlimited phone and chat support whenever you need it
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