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Pro Forma Income Projections

CNF Exchange Helps Businesses Create Pro-Forma Income Projections

Pro-forma income projections are part of the underwriting process for many commercial lenders and provide the basis for evaluation of the loan application. At CNF Exchange, we can help your small business put together a pro-forma income projection document that meets the requirements of many of the lenders in our exclusive network. Our knowledgeable staff has the expertise to help you navigate the documentation necessary to streamline your loan application process. Creating an accurate pro-forma income projection is an essential element that should be included in the backup documentation for most commercial loan applications.

Past performance is the basis for future growth

Generally, your company's pro-forma income projections should be supported by documentation of the company's previous income and expenditures. These figures are adjusted for inflation, market conditions and expected increases or decreases in revenues and expenses. By including supporting documents regarding the past performance of your company, you can provide the lender with the financial information necessary to make a fair evaluation of your loan request.

CNF Exchange can help

Depending on the package of services you select, CNF Exchange can provide you with in-depth analysis of your loan application, help with creating financial documents including pro-forma income projections and assistance throughout the entire process. Our top level of service provides you with step-by-step help in completing the loan application, evaluating its chances for success, obtaining and creating the documentation necessary for underwriting the loan and putting your company in the best possible position to achieve the financing you need to grow and compete in today's competitive local and global marketplaces.

Post a funding request with Capital & Finance Exchange proforma income projections