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Loan Application

Before a loan application is completed,  wouldn't it be nice to see if the Lender is interested in your deal?  CNF Exchange will save you from wasting your time filling out multiple loan applications.The modern loan application process can be a lengthy and complex process. For many borrowers, collecting and compiling the necessary information into a cohesive and persuasive format can be a real challenge. Loan applications often require at least two years of financial records for the small business, comprehensive business plan information and a detailed description of the intended use of the requested funding. Additionally, small businesses must provide personal data on the primary shareholders and owners of the company and proof of ownership for any collateral available for the loan application. Appropriate collateral may include real estate, vehicles, heavy equipment, stocks, bonds and other securities; almost anything of value can serve as collateral for a loan if both parties agree to the terms.

CNF Exchange can provide valuable help in constructing a loan application for small business purposes. Companies can upload their completed application for loans through the CNF Exchange website. This innovative online platform provides an easy and intuitive interface to make uploading this documentation easier and more convenient for borrowers. Lenders can then evaluate a number of loan applications and identify the most appropriate investments. Once this process has been completed, the borrower can review the various lending options and make a selection among the available choices. This can provide greater flexibility for the borrower and a greater range of investment options for the lender, making it a mutually beneficial decision for both parties. CNF Exchange offers the most innovative venue and widest range of services to make the loan application process easier and faster for everyone involved in the lending transaction.



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