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Venture Capitalist

Venture Capitalists otherwise known as Investors see many business plans and proposals, sometimes 100 or more a month.  Typically, they invest in only one to three of these.  If possible, obtain a personal introduction from someone that is well-known to the investors.  However, when this is not possible, utilizing CNF Exchange can provide a sophisticated lay out that gets your message in front of Investors in a clear and concise manner.

Venture capitalists provide funding for high-risk projects and proposals that offer equally high chances of reward in the financial marketplace. These investors typically charge higher interest rates than traditional lenders and use different criteria for evaluating lending requests, making them a good choice for businesses that require funding for risky projects, expansions, acquisitions and new business ventures. Some venture capitalists specialize in start-ups and expansions, while others are open to a wide range of investing opportunities. These investors may offer secured or unsecured loans depending on the level of risk involved in the project to be funded. For most businesses, venture capital funding is a way to acquire financing when other options have been exhausted. It is generally not designed for funding general business operations, as these activities are unlikely to produce the high level of profits required to make the risk worthwhile for venture capitalist investment. So, for example, acquiring a new franchise or competing business would be a suitable project for funding by venture capitalists; managing cash flow difficulties due to slow-paying clients would not produce additional profits for the business and thus would not be suitable for venture capital investment.

CNF Exchange offers access to a large number of venture capital investment options for small businesses in need of funding. The CNF Investor Exchange platform allows small businesses to upload their requests for funding through the site; this service is free of charge to the company and provides access to venture capitalists eager to lend money for major projects and acquisitions. Start-ups and newer businesses can also benefit from the chance to present their case directly to lenders and to compare the loan offers and funding proposals to determine the most advantageous opportunities for the company. CNF Exchange provides an exclusive venue to allow businesses to access the funding they need at every stage of the company's life. Learn more about Venture Capital Financing and Venture Capital Sources.



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