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Venture Capital Financing

How much money does my venture need?  When is it needed?  How long will it last?  Where and from whom can it be raised?  How long should this process be orchestrated?  These are important questions to any entrepreneur at any stage in the development of a company. 

Once an entrepreneur has defined the core of the market opportunity and the strategy for obtaining it, he or she can examine the financial requirements in terms of 1. assets needed and 2. operating needs.  The next core concept in determining external financing requirements is free cash flow.  Three vital measurements are the 1. burn rate (projected or actual) 2. time to OOC (when will the company be out of cash) and 3. TTC (the time to close the financing).

Finding Venture Capital Funding with CNF Exchange

Today's challenging economic conditions may make finding venture capital funding difficult for many small businesses. CNF Exchange can help you streamline the process by offering you a one-stop marketplace where your venture capital financing request can be seen by numerous investment firms and lending institutions throughout our exclusive network of lenders. Even if you have been turned down for traditional commercial lending arrangements or have been offered terms that were unsuitable for your needs, CNF Exchange can put you in touch with venture capital financing opportunities that may resolve your cash flow difficulties and allow your company to expand and grow. You'll gain the edge on your competition by comparison shopping through CNF Exchange and finding venture capital sources that meet your requirements and suit your financial situation. You can post your financing requests for free and pay only when you decide to contact one of our lenders; this allows you to try before you buy and helps you streamline your company's venture capital financing search process.

Venture capital financing uses a different methodology for determining the viability of a particular loan application. In general, these investors consider the known risks versus the potential rewards in order to make a decision regarding funding a particular proposal. As a result, businesses seeking venture capital finance arrangements should typically put their primary emphasis on the potential financial rewards of the proposed project or acquisition. Financing venture capital projects typically entails a great deal of due diligence on the part of the lender. Businesses can streamline the funding process by making it easier for these investors to finance venture capital projects; this is generally achieved by providing them with the due diligence in advance. CNF Exchange offers a number of added services that can allow businesses to improve their chances of acquiring financing for venture capital projects, including providing assistance with detailed documentation and financial statements to make acquiring this funding easier for everyone involved in the process.


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