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Venture Capital Sources

By posting a request on CNF Exchange, borrowers are connected with direct venture capital sources. Identifying and making contact with sources of venture capital can be challenging for the average small business owner. These investors typically seek out new projects, new businesses and new financial partners through channels not readily available to the novice in the financial field. Venture capital sources may acquire leads from a variety of different avenues, including word-of-mouth information, financial advisors and other financial institutions. Direct venture capital sources may be angel investors, individuals with large sums of money for investment in worthwhile projects, or other investors or groups of investors that are seeking high-risk, high-reward investments to diversify their portfolios. Because of the risks inherent in this type of investment, a great deal of documentation and due diligence is required before a venture capital source can make a determination regarding the funding application. Many businesses fail to obtain a venture capital source as a direct result of lack of proper documentation and supporting information for their loan request.

CNF Exchange can help businesses find sources of venture capital and make contact with them directly through the innovative CNF Investor Exchange platform. This online venue provides small business owners with an easy-to-use way to contact direct venture capital sources to obtain funding for their ongoing financial needs. CNF Exchange can help borrowers construct persuasive and well-organized proposals for financing that include a clear evaluation of risk versus reward, complete financials for the required period, business plans, a prospectus discussing the planned use of funds from the direct venture capital source and a comprehensive overview of the company's current financial status and ability to repay the loan. The friendly and helpful financial professionals at CNF Exchange can provide expert help in compiling and presenting this information to best advantage, allowing companies to acquire funding from the venture capital source best suited to their short and long-term needs.



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