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Private Equity Venture Capital

Many entrepreneurs have become "angels" as private investors in the next generation of entrepreneurs.  Many of the more successful entrepreneurs have created their own investment pools and are competing directly with venture capitalist for deals.  Their operating experiences and successful track records provide a favorable case for adding value to an upstart company.

Learn more about private equity funds and finding venture capital funding.

One often-overlooked source of funding in the business marketplace is the private equity venture capital investor. These well-funded individuals and groups provide funding for higher risk investments in the business marketplace. Private equity capital investors generally derive their financial resources from stocks and securities derived from privately held companies not traded on the public stock exchange. They can then leverage these financial resources to provide private equity venture capital funding for a variety of business projects and ongoing financial needs. Some private equity funds invest exclusively in certain types of businesses; others maintain a diversified portfolio of business investments to provide the greatest degree of safety for the investment fund as a whole. Small businesses can sometimes be highly attractive investments for risk-tolerant private equity funds, as they can produce exceptionally profitable returns on investment for a relatively small initial cash outlay. However, the higher degree of financial risk inherent in these investments may require higher interest rates and more stringent terms and conditions on the loan to maintain the financial integrity of the portfolio on a long-term basis.

For small business owners, private equity funds represent a valuable alternative method for funding their ongoing expansion and operational needs. CNF Exchange allows these borrowers to upload their completed funding request for free through its online interface, making it easier for small businesses to connect directly with private equity venture capital investors to achieve their business funding goals. Because private equity firms base their lending decisions primarily on the potential for return on investment, these funding options may be available to business owners even if they have been turned down for traditional lending arrangements. CNF Exchange can help borrowers create a well-organized and compelling loan proposal that can positively impress lenders and allow these small business owners to acquire funding through these venture capital investment firms. This can pave the way for added growth and expansion in the competitive marketplace.



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