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Complete Financial Packaging

With this option, CNF Exchange's senior analysts do it all for you.  In addition to completing your request and gathering all necessary documents, we will manage your account and communicate directly with lenders or investors to gauge their interest.  Our senior analysts will complete an executive summary and prepare underwriting notes to ensure you have a complete financial package and a smooth transaction.  If you choose, we can also prepare GAAP compliant projections and a professional business plan in place of the complete financial package.

We will work with you until you are connected with an interested lender or investor and will assist in the process, as requested, until your deal closes.  There is no additional cost to see contact information for matching interested lenders/investors with this service.  This service is a superior alternative to brokerage services and saves our clients thousands of dollars in closing costs:

Complete Financial Package
Business Plans
$1,250 per package $750 per business plan, in addition to the Complete Financial Package pricing $500 per set of projections, in addition to the Complete Financial Package pricing