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Small businesses are required to maintain their financial records in compliance with generally accepted accounting principles, also known as GAAP. These principles form the basis for much of modern accounting and ensure uniformity of recordkeeping throughout the business world. Additionally, maintaining GAAP compliant financial records allows businesses to make valid financial projections and compile data for loan applications in the financial environment. Creating accurate financial projections for startup companies is somewhat more difficult, as these companies lack the historical data necessary to use conventional algorithms and methods. In some cases, consulting a financial projections sample document can provide valuable insight into the structure and methodology used to present projections to potential lenders.

In certain financing situations, providing projections is critical to the success of the transaction.  It is especially important when:

  • The repayment of the funds depends on the cash flow generated by the underlying purchase of a new assets, expansion, or high growth; or
  • When the Borrower is completing or has completed a major merger or acquisition which will significantly impact the appropriateness of historical financial statements in evaluating ongoing Borrower risk; or
  • When the Borrower is undergoing or has undergone a substantial balance sheet restructuring, such as a leveraged buyout, which would render historical financial statements irrelevant to the assessment; or
  • When the borrower is a new company and there are no fiscal year-end statements available.

We can deliver customized, GAAP-compliant financials and charts that outperform any off-the-shelf software, templates, or outlines on the market. Our projections includes Full Monthly Forecasts for Months 1-12 and Full Yearly Forecasts for Years 1-5, including Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, Ratio Analysis, and other key Reports.

CNF Exchange offers a wide range of services designed to help businesses obtain funding. By presenting online financial projections through the innovative Lender Exchange interface, companies can often make a positive impression on lenders that can improve their chances of obtaining funding through these avenues.