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Complete Financial Package

The Complete Financial Package will get you fully prepared to successfully obtain your requested financing.  Our senior analysts use specialized methodologies to properly analyze the various credit situations encountered in today’s lending environment.  This analysis makes sure that lenders & investors understand the mitigating factors to any possible concerns specific to your business and are provided a complete underwriting package.

Not only does the Complete Financial Package ensure that you become a Qualified Borrower and all outstanding items from your Request Review are satisfied, it also includes an Executive Summary and a 2-3 page analysis that will:

  • Review and analyze your historical financials
  • Review and analyze your existing projections
  • Diligently tell the Company’s story, both qualitatively and quantitatively, so that it mitigates any underperformance it has experienced in the past
  • Identify the same credit risks funding sources underwrite and provide justifications and mitigations to these risks
  • Compile detailed supporting schedules such as Sources and Uses and Debt Schedules
  • and Provide everything needed to ensure your request is positioned for a successful funding