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Business Equity Loans

A business equity loan involves borrowing against the equity in the business or underlying asset. If you’re a business owner, CNF Exchange can help you use equity business loans to expand your operation. For instance, if you’re a franchisee, you can add more locations with the funding you secure through business equity loans. If you’re a lender, we provide an effective means of extending business equity loans so you can grow your portfolio.

CNF Exchange is in the business of bringing borrowers and lenders together. We’re an online community that matches borrowers with direct lenders for all types of commercial transactions. 

If you’re a borrower CNF Exchange offers:

  • Exposure to an extensive and growing nationwide lender network
  • Access to a dedicated senior advisor who screens your financials, profile, request and related documents and notifies you of any deficiencies
  • Matching of your loan request with compatible funding sources using our exclusive 12-point system

And if you’re a lender, you get

  • The ability to easily and quickly review multiple borrowers that fit your lending criteria
  • Choice of two payment options: either a one-time $45 charge enabling you to connect with up to 5 borrowers or a $45 monthly charge for unlimited borrower access
  • Borrower posting notification that ensures you never miss an investing opportunity

For borrowers and lenders:

  • Free Press Room feature
  • Rewards Program with free advertising opportunities
  • Convenient document uploading and sharing feature

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