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Business Credit

In financing terminology, credit is the amount of exposure the bank or funding source is risking.

With our business credit services, you’ll be able to review multiple opportunities anonymously and engage borrowers at your discretion. Receive new borrower posting notifications on a local, state or nationwide level, and effectively manage the notifications using our 12-point criteria. You’ll never miss out on a lucrative deal with our proprietary notification system.

As a Lender, you get:

  • Free site registration and site access
  • Choice of two flexible pricing options, including $45 per month for unlimited borrower connection or a one-time $45 charge giving you the opportunity to connect with up to 5 borrowers
  • The opportunity to build your portfolio and develop valuable business relationships
  • Access to matching financing requests
  • Easy deal tracking and portfolio management
  • Press Room to tout your successes and market your business
  • Rewards Program where you gain free advertising by inviting your contacts to join CNF Exchange
  • Convenient document uploading and sharing feature
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