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Truck Equipment Loan

As a basic rule, equipment loans are typically advanced at no more than 100% of the equipment's value to protect the funding source against the decline in the value of the equipment over time as a result of physical, technological, style, and other types of obsolescence. Trucking companies transport goods on behalf of manufacturers and distributors. Smaller operations may operate within a specific city or state, while large trucking firms deliver goods across the country and may even operate across country borders. Managing the ongoing cash flow requirements of these businesses can be challenging and may require a proactive approach on the part of management in order to ensure that operations can be maintained during the gaps between delivery of services and the payments on invoices. Trucking companies also face another set of challenges. The large vehicles used to move goods are susceptible to breakdown and require replacement on a regular basis, necessitating repairs and purchases of new trucking equipment in order to maintain operations on a continuous basis. Like other vehicle purchases, a great deal of the initial value of the truck is lost at the time of sale when it changes its status from new to previously owned. Loans for truck equipment typically require a significant trade-in or down payment investment as a result of this immediate loss of value. With the exception of this initial investment, truck equipment loans are usually structured to spread the cost of the truck over its expected useful life. Truck equipment lending arrangements can allow businesses to manage their financial obligations more effectively.

CNF Exchange can help companies identify the right truck equipment loans for their specific circumstances. By uploading their funding request through CNF Exchange, businesses can choose from a variety of truck equipment loan proposals. This can help them to acquire the most beneficial loan for truck equipment and to manage their ongoing equipment needs in a proactive fashion. CNF Exchange offers the elite selection of services and the most innovative venue to help small businesses obtain necessary business funding from top lenders throughout the financial industry.


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