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Musical Equipment Lease

Leasing musical equipment can have its benefits.  Leasing typically can be provided for up to 100% of the equipment costs and conserves working capital for other purposes. The musical entertainment field presents significant challenges for performers, managers and financial backers. In most cases, constant travel is required. Transporting large music equipment ensembles can add up to a significant expense and may constitute a logistical problem as well. In some cases, leasing musical equipment at the site of the performance can provide added options for managing these logistical requirements. A long-term musical equipment lease can sometimes be a useful solution for performing artists and groups. Musical equipment leases allow musicians and their managers to avoid the upfront expense of large-scale purchases at the outset of a tour or series of performances and provide valuable financial flexibility for managing the expenses inherent in the entertainment industry. By spreading out these expenses over a longer period of time, business managers can often avoid cash flow difficulties during the course of the planned public performances.

Acquiring funding for musical equipment leasing arrangements can be challenging. In most cases, these loans require significant collateral in order to gain approval. Depending on the financial situation of the borrower, that collateral may be in the form of real property, vehicles or other items of value. CNF Exchange can help prospective borrowers identify the most cost-effective ways to lease musical equipment for a variety of needs. We offer expert advice on collateralizing these loans and motivating lenders to provide financial backing for upcoming tours and other musical performance events. CNF Exchange allows business managers and musicians to present their funding requests to lenders through the innovative online CNF Investor Exchange platform at no cost to the borrower. CNF Exchange also offers a wide range of added services that can help borrowers present a more attractive investment package for lenders and can potentially boost their chances of achieving the necessary funding or credit arrangements to manage ongoing financial needs.



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