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The act of acquiring a good or service utilizing debt or equity capital.

Financing arrangements are commonplace throughout the consumer, commercial and industrial environments. Credit cards, mortgages and auto finance transactions are all part of the financing environment and provide valuable flexibility to consumers in the monetary marketplace. For businesses and industrial concerns, the same basic types of credit provide the impetus and momentum needed to continue operations, to acquire new equipment or new facilities and to promote the company effectively through advertising, promotion and other marketing activities. By managing these financial activities effectively, companies can often create a solid foundation for future growth and expansion into new territories and new opportunities.

Finance arrangements typically can be categorized as secured or unsecured. Secured financing requires collateral to guarantee the payment of the loan as agreed. This collateral may be in the form of real property, equipment, vehicles or any other items of value agreed upon between the lender and the borrower. In return, the lender will provide a sum of money and accept regular payments on that sum until the principal and interest amounts are completely paid off by the borrower. For lines of credit and other open credit accounts, businesses must pay a certain percentage of the total amount outstanding in order to maintain these debts in good standing and to protect their corporate credit rating. The credit rating of the business can have a significant impact on the future availability of finance arrangements and the terms on which those arrangements are offered, so regular on-time payments are vital to the long-term success of the company's operations.

CNF Exchange provides borrowers and lenders with exceptional services that allow a greater degree of choice for both parties to the finance transaction. The unique CNF Exchange venue allows motivated lenders to identify qualified borrowers, allowing both parties to achieve their ongoing financial and operational goals more effectively and conveniently. Learn more about financing a new business.



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