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Farm Equipment Financing

Leasing farm equipment can have its benefits.  Leasing typically can be provided for up to 100% of the equipment costs and conserves working capital for other purposes.

Purchasing necessary farm equipment can also provide the tools needed for success in the agricultural industry. Because time is of the essence in farming, obtaining the needed heavy equipment for planting, cultivating and harvesting crops is absolutely essential for the success of the farming enterprise. Planting late or failing to harvest crops at the peak of ripeness and maturity can cost farmers an entire year's work and leave them financially devastated. If existing equipment breaks down, replacement can sometimes be the only option. Unfortunately, the cost of farm equipment is often prohibitive if the total sum must be paid upfront before delivery of these specialized working vehicles and tools.

Farm equipment financing plans allow farmers to acquire the needed equipment immediately to provide added security for the value of crops in the field. Tractors, combines and cultivators can constitute major expenses for farmers, especially in small family-owned farms or local agricultural cooperatives. Managing these costs through farm equipment finance arrangements can provide valuable flexibility for farmers already at the mercy of wind and weather in their agricultural endeavors. Additionally, farm equipment finance can allow farmers to retain a pool of emergency cash to manage unexpected labor costs and other situations that may require immediate action in order to ensure the profitability of the farming enterprise. Finding the right financing solution for farm equipment leasing or purchase can provide major benefits for farmers in managing their finances effectively.

CNF Exchange is an exceptional resource for farmers who need to finance farm equipment in order to manage their crops effectively. By putting these agricultural professionals in touch with lenders who make farm equipment finance arrangements, this easy-to-use online platform offers a greater range of choice for farmers, allowing them to select the most advantageous loan arrangement for their financial needs. Lenders benefit from a wider range of leads and qualified borrowers looking for farm equipment finances, making the CNF Exchange system a win-win for borrowers and lenders alike.



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