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Commercial Mortgage Loan Checklist

Many lenders utilize a checklist to ensure they have a complete underwriting package.  CNF Exchange can help a borrower prepare a complete package and ensure all needed documentation is provided to the lender.

The commercial mortgage loan checklist should include all necessary deposits and documentation for the loan. Required documentation generally includes the following:

  • Financials for the last three years, including a rolling 12-month summary of financial transactions
  • The current operating budget for the company
  • Certified financial statements for loan principals and any guarantors
  • Personal information on major shareholders and owners
  • Information on business structure, long-term goals and operational activities
  • Tenant information and lease agreements, if any
  • Floor plans and blueprints for the property
  • Property information for existing buildings or plots of land, including real estate taxes, insurance premiums and other vital information
  • Appraisals, engineering reports and environmental impact statements where applicable
  • Zoning reports
  • Physical inspection reports
  • Purchase contracts
  • Construction cost breakdowns, if applicable
  • Management company agreement, if any

Additionally, the checklist for commercial mortgage loans should include the following required outlays of cash during the application and approval process:

  • Loan application deposit
  • Processing fees and charges
  • Fees for any required appraisals and financial reports
  • Legal fee deposit

When available, dates for these required deposits and expenditures should be included in the commercial mortgage loan checklist to ensure prompt payment throughout the process. CNF Exchange can provide valuable guidance to borrowers in compiling the required documentation and ensuring that the application process runs smoothly. This assistance can help companies manage the commercial mortgage process more effectively and achieve their long-term financial goals.



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