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Commercial Equipment Financing

The terms of equipment loans vary depending on such factors as its possible uses and marketability, its projected useful or depreciable life, its type and quality, and its newness and condition. Regardless of the realizable value of the equipment, the borrower's ability to repay is typically judged on its ability to generate sufficient cash flow to fully retire the loan, typically within 3 to 7 years. Generally, equipment loans should be fully amortized over a period of time that is no longer than its economic useful life and keeps the loan balance within loan-to-value (LTV) chart in this policy. If the borrower's industry is cyclical, a faster payout is desirable.

CNF Exchange: Your Online Commercial Equipment Financing Source

If you need to purchase commercial equipment but are having difficulty in getting bank financing, consider CNF Exchange. We’re an online community that pairs borrowers with direct lenders and investors. Simply post your loan request on our site for free, and you’ll gain access to our extensive nationwide lender network. You’ll have several lenders competing for your business, which helps you secure the best possible loan terms.

In addition, CNF Exchange:

  • Provides you with access to a dedicated senior analyst to help you prepare your loan request and documentation
  • Matches your loan request to compatible funding sources using our 12-point criteria
  • Requires you to create only one borrower profile that can be viewed by several lenders
  • Features a convenient and secure document uploading and sharing features
  • Offers a Press Room feature where you can promote your successes and market your business
  • Makes free advertising available through our valuable rewards program
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