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Business to Business Lending

CNF Exchange Makes Business to Business Lending Easier

Business to business lending arrangements are becoming more prevalent throughout the financial world. These business loan arrangements offer significant advantages for both the lender and the borrower. Business to business financing typically offers a higher rate of return than most other forms of investment. Additionally, the risk entailed in business to business lending is usually well defined and quantifiable, allowing lenders to fairly assess the risk vs. reward potential of the investment. Borrowers benefit by acquiring the funding they need to manage their financial situation more proactively. Funds can be used to acquire new property or equipment, manage unexpected expenses or to develop new technologies, products or services for the consumer marketplace. CNF Exchange can help both sides of the equation enjoy enhanced benefits from the business to business financing transaction.

Advantages for lenders

CNF Exchange is designed to help lenders find qualified borrowers, evaluate their applications, and streamline the loan process. Our services can help business to business lenders:

• Expand and diversify your investment portfolio
• Create new long-term relationships with local businesses
• Manage time and money more effectively
• Streamline the underwriting process
• Increase your revenue streams

CNF Exchange features an exclusive Qualified Borrower program to allow lenders a greater degree of confidence in underwriting and approving loans for our customers. This advanced degree of service ensures that the process goes more smoothly and that both borrowers and lenders receive the services they need from CNF Exchange.

Advantages for borrowers

CNF Exchange can help you navigate the business to business lending marketplace more effectively with:

• Free postings for your financing requests
• Unlimited uploads for your financial documents
• Secure and reliable sharing and storage for financial documentation
• Phone and Internet chat support for CNF Exchange services
• Matching with compatible lenders in the business to business lending field

CNF Exchange also offers a number of elite financial services for small business borrowers in our paid service packages. These packages include the exclusive Qualified Borrower program that positions your company favorably as a preferred risk for most lenders. Regardless of the tier of service chosen, CNF Exchange offers the most convenient and streamlined services for business to business lenders and borrowers online.

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