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Business Lending

There are many factors evaluated when lending to a business. A bank's credit policies includes hundreds of pages of guidelines that analyst need to follow in order for a company to have a "pass" status. Other institutions are more lenient in their underwriting, however, this typically leads to higher interest rates and requiring better LTVs (loan to values) resulting in more cash down or equity in the deal.

CNF Exchange can help with this process by determining the best options prior to the borrowers search. We’re an online business lending community that matches lenders and investors with qualified borrowers who are ready to do business. You’ll save time and money while increasing your commercial loan or capital equity portfolio. Find out additional information with our commercial lenders section today.

CNF Exchange can benefit your business by:

  • Making it easier to find multiple qualified borrowers that meet your specific lending criteria
  • Lowering your loan transaction costs
  • Offering two different payment options, including one-time “pay as you go” or a low monthly subscription
  • Providing free registration and site access
  • Making it easy to upload, view and share documents through our secure uploading and sharing feature
  • Allowing you to scrutinize potential borrowers anonymously and discreetly
  • Providing easy management of borrower posting notifications and financing criteria
  • Giving you access to deals that are always current, no older than 30 days
  • Allowing you to browse borrower notifications by local area, state or entire nation
  • Providing access to our Press Room feature
  • Offering exposure to our Rewards Program to gain free advertising opportunities
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