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Business Financing Options

There are many different ways to obtain financing whether it be in the form of debt or equity capital. The more business financing options you have, the better your chances of securing financing with favorable terms. By posting a financing request with CNF Exchange you simplify the entire process.

CNF Exchange is an online community that matches prequalified borrowers with direct commercial lenders and investors. As a potential borrower, you can register for free and securely post your loan request, giving you access to our extensive and rapidly growing lender and investor network. Lenders and investors can see each other’s interest in your deal, giving you the benefit of increased competition for your business. Learn more about this and other business plan options today.

As a CNF Exchange borrower, you’ll also benefit from:

  • Assistance with preparing your loan request from a dedicated CNF Exchange senior analyst
  • Exposure to only direct lenders and investors … not brokers or intermediaries
  • Expert matching of your loan request with compatible loan sources using our unique 12-point criteria
  • Free access to our Press Room to promote your successes and market your business
  • Convenient and secure document uploading and sharing feature
  • Participation in the CNF Exchange Rewards Program where you can gain free advertising
Post a funding request with Capital & Finance Exchange Funding Source Registration