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Business Acquisition Loans

Term loans generally are used to finance fixed asset acquisition, a change in ownership (e.g., treasury stock purchase), or a new business acquisition.  The debt is expected to be repaid in a timely fashion, with periodic payments made from cash flow generation.

Business acquisition loans via CNF Exchange allow borrowers and lenders to make a mutually lucrative financial connection by bypassing the red tape of more traditional commercial lending systems. Whether you’re a borrower or lender, you can register online at no cost. We do all the legwork for you, helping you get the deal done with greater speed and convenience. Find out more information about other business financing options today.

CNF Exchange:

  • Prequalifies borrowers and makes them available to our extensive nationwide lender network
  • Gives lenders access to current deals less than 30 days old
  • Provides borrowers with the support they need through access to a dedicated CNF Exchange senior analyst
  • Allows borrowers to find the best available loan terms with ease
  • Offers you unlimited phone and chat support
  • Helps you gain free advertising through our Rewards Program
  • Gives you access to our Press Room so you can market your business and share your successes
  • Provides safe and secure document uploading and sharing capabilities for greater convenience
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