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Installment Loans

Installment loans can be used for a variety of purposes including equipment acquisition, working capital, or real estate transactions.  They include P&I (principal and interest) or P+I (principal plus interest) with fixed or floating interest rates.  The loan is amortized over the period of term, typically with monthly or quarterly payments, until the loan is paid to zero or the term has ended with a balance (typically resulting in a balloon payment).

Installment loans are generally used to finance long-term debt for equipment or for other major purchases. These lending arrangements can allow small business owners to manage their ongoing finances more effectively and can provide a more stable expenditure pattern for companies by spreading the cost of these major expenses over an extended period of time. When used to purchase equipment, installment loan arrangements are designed to allow businesses to profit by using the financed tools and items to pay off the loan amounts required for their purchase. In this way, installment lending arrangements provide an added degree of flexibility for small business owners in the financial arena. Identifying and pursuing the right installment loans can ensure that small business owners obtain maximum benefits from their commercial lending agreements.

CNF Exchange is an outstanding resource for small business owners. The CNF Exchange website allows these prospective borrowers to upload their application free of charge. Lenders will then evaluate the funding application and present their offers to the applicant, making it easy and convenient to obtain the business funding needed for a wide range of projects and ongoing financial needs. CNF Exchange also provides a la carte services that deliver added value to the borrower and allow the business to present its lending application in the most favorable light for borrowers. By managing the application process through the CNF Exchange site, small business owners can enjoy added visibility, increased responses to their online funding requests and improved opportunities for obtaining the installment loan arrangements necessary to remain competitive in the modern marketplace.



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