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Example Business Plan

Constructing an executive business plan can be challenging, especially for small business owners unfamiliar with the requirements of modern lending processes. These documents include a range of information designed to explain the core values of the business and its general operating activities to lenders and other interested parties. In general, the business plan includes an executive summary that contains a shortened version of the information in the rest of the document; this summary appears at the beginning of the plan and is a quick overview of all pertinent facts related to the business and its operations. The business proposition usually comes next and contains an account of the company's history from its founding to the present day. The business plan may also incorporate in-depth analysis that explores the general industry in which the company operates and its place within that industry. Most executive business plans include an evaluation of the competition present within the industry and a general marketing strategy overview to provide lenders with added information on the potential for profit of the company and its plans. The business plan also includes a financial plan and information on the major shareholders and owners of the company; in most cases, a detailed description of the operating activities and the strategies for growth employed by the company are also present in this comprehensive document.

CNF Exchange offers an exclusive venue for businesses that allows them to submit their executive business plan online for evaluation by lenders. By uploading the executive business plan PDF through the Investor Exchange system, companies can ensure that lenders have access to the information necessary to make a quick decision regarding the loan application. This can improve the financial position of the company by allowing it to obtain funding more rapidly and to manage its operational needs in a proactive way.